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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
4614 Pulp Task NEW Normal Submit packages to Fedora and work through their process to get them accepted as new packages CI/CD Actions
4613 Pulp Task NEW Normal Figure out & implement process for upgrading RPMs CI/CD Actions
4612 Pulp Task NEW Normal Resolve any other blatant issues that would prevent the RPMs from being accepted by Fedora CI/CD Actions
4611 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Eliminate any unneeded build & test dependencies of pulp CI/CD Actions
4610 Pulp Task NEW Normal Fix the broken auto-generated descriptions of packages CI/CD Actions
4609 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Adapt ansible-pulp for the scenario of using the RPMs CI/CD Actions
4607 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Make current set of RPMs & their packaging available CI/CD Actions
4606 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Resolving any issues with RPM-installing the 3 RPMs & their dependencies CI/CD Actions
4605 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Get all 3 RPMs packages & their dependencies to build CI/CD Actions
4598 Container Support Test NEW Normal specify --tls=verify=false if pulling an image with podman Actions
4570 File Support Task NEW Normal Switch Travis installer to use Ansbile roles Actions
4552 RPM Support Story NEW Normal As a user, zchunk metadata is supported ttereshc Actions
4539 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I can protect content in S3 daviddavis Actions
4538 File Support Test NEW Normal fetching a published PULP_MANIFEST throws a 404 if file repo version contains no units bherring Actions
4533 Container Support Test NEW Normal Test Pull Container Image by Digest rochacbruno Actions
4531 Container Support Test NEW Normal Fetch registry content using API calls kersom Actions
4500 Pulp Task NEW Normal Collect test coverage from rq workers daviddavis Actions
4461 Container Support Test NEW Low As a user i can configure download of the foreign layers bherring Actions
4455 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium S3 doesn't work if you follow the guide in our docs daviddavis Yes Documentation Actions
4434 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Some ClientResponseError can't try additional Remotes bmbouter Yes Actions
4431 Pulp Story NEW Normal As an django-storages user with S3 I can extend content protection to be backed by S3 bmbouter Documentation Actions
4414 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Add pulpcore, pulpcore-plugin, and pulp_file to Fedora 30 bmbouter CI/CD Actions
4400 Container Support Story NEW Low As a user, I can download Foreign layers Actions
4353 File Support Task NEW Normal Add release notes and document release process daviddavis Actions
4343 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I can see what parameters were involved in a task dalley Wishlist Actions
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