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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
5393 Pulp Task NEW Normal [Epic] plugin-template should let plugins publish their container images, based on a pulpcore image CI/CD, Plugin Template Actions
4912 Ansible Plugin Test NEW Normal [Epic] Test collection content type kersom Actions
5194 Migration Plugin Test NEW Normal [Epic] Test migration from Pulp 2 to Pulp 3 kersom Actions
6672 Ansible Plugin Task NEW Normal [Epic] Upload Process Improvements bmbouter Actions
5055 RPM Support Test NEW High [EPIC] Ursine RPM Copy dependencies on modular RPMS from Default Modules needs to be added bherring Pulp 2 Actions
6896 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium [pulp_installer] Parametrize postgres package in roles/pulp_database spredzy Yes Actions
7868 Pulp Task NEW Normal [RELEASING] Build all artifacts before publishing any mdellweg CI/CD Actions
7789 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal 3.9.0 release daviddavis daviddavis Actions
3610 Ansible Plugin Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium 500 when publishing a repository without any versions daviddavis Yes Actions
7857 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium 502 proxy error when trying to yum install a package No Katello Actions
6721 Pulp Task NEW Normal A new 'linting' section should be added to the plugin_template mdellweg Plugin Template Actions
5805 RPM Support Test NEW Normal A test scenario for an upload of a single RPM package lmjachky Actions
7894 RPM Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Academic Service ThomasNick No Actions
7029 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Accessing content for a distribution that is not assigned returns 404 which is confusing daviddavis Yes Actions
6722 Pulp Task NEW Normal Activate testing automatic docs building fore pulp_catdog mdellweg Plugin Template Actions
4609 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Adapt ansible-pulp for the scenario of using the RPMs CI/CD Actions
6073 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Adapt pulp_installer CI for pulp_installer branches Actions
5107 Pulp Task POST Low Add a Makefile template to make it easier to run common plugin commands daviddavis Dev Environment, Plugin Template Actions
7411 Pulp Task POST High Add a new "test existing plugin against next pulpcore" entry to the CI matrix in plugin_template bmbouter CI/CD Actions
4066 Ansible Plugin Story NEW Normal Add a role support to existing one-shot uploader for pulp_ansible bmbouter Actions
4706 Python Support Test NEW Normal Add a test for lazy syncing content CodeHeeler Actions
4703 Container Support Test NEW Normal Add a test for syncing from quay, gcr and redhat registries Actions
6423 CertGuard Task NEW Normal Add a test so that an expired client X509 Certificate should be denied bmbouter Actions
7279 Debian Support Test NEW Normal Add a test that uploads a "minimal" Debian package. quba42 Actions
6810 CertGuard Task NEW Normal Add a test to ensure FileRemote with client_cert and client_key configured can sync from a protected repository bmbouter Actions
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