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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
5525 Ansible Plugin Task NEW Normal Collaborate with `ansible-galaxy collection` developers to validate the signature Collection content upon installation bmbouter Actions
5538 File Support Task NEW Normal Add and test_bindings.rb scripts to pulp_file Actions
5588 Pulp Task NEW Normal Support /var/lib/pulp/ storage other than a PVC with ReadWriteMany (implements Metakube support) CI/CD Actions
5589 Pulp Task NEW Normal Deploy pulp on our Metakube cluster CI/CD Actions
5590 Pulp Task NEW Normal Implement pulp-content autoscaling CI/CD Actions
5591 Pulp Task NEW Normal Implement pulp-workers autoscaling CI/CD Actions
5592 Pulp Task NEW Normal Improve K8s monitoring of Pulp services CI/CD Actions
5593 Pulp Task NEW Normal Cleanup redis config vs CLI options CI/CD Actions
5595 Pulp Task NEW Normal Make pulp-operator gunicorn workers configurable CI/CD Actions
5597 Pulp Task NEW Normal Containers - Don't install weak deps during dnf install CI/CD Actions
5599 Pulp Task NEW Normal Operator: Upgrades orchestration CI/CD Actions
5600 Pulp Task NEW Normal Implement multiple pulp-resource-manager instances CI/CD Actions
5601 Pulp Task NEW Normal Implement multiple pulp-api instances CI/CD Actions
5602 Pulp Task NEW Normal Implement pulp-resource-manager autoscaling CI/CD Actions
5603 Pulp Task NEW Normal Implement pulp-api autoscaling CI/CD Actions
5641 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update PR checklist to cover actual needs ppicka Documentation Actions
5744 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Ensure required fields are always set on the models ttereshc Actions
5823 Container Support Task NEW Normal Ensure recursive add and remove is not impacted by values_list() Actions
5828 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document how to validate data in plugin writer guide bmbouter Documentation Actions
5858 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add memory/performance tips to the plugin writer's guide ttereshc Documentation Actions
5864 Pulp Task NEW Normal Generate and use a pulpcore constraints file in the pulp-operator pulp containers CI/CD Actions
5886 Pulp Task NEW Normal Have the pulpcore tests build+install the latest bindings so the tests can use them bmbouter Actions
5889 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add upgrade information to the docs bmbouter Documentation Actions
6042 Pulp Task NEW Normal CI should test against both latest and stable openapi-generator CI/CD Actions
6064 File Support Task NEW Normal Add user docs on how to export a file publication to the filesystem daviddavis Documentation Actions
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