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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee
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5267 Container Support Test NEW High Test - As a user I can filter Manifests and ManifestTags by media type kersom Actions
8027 Debian Support Issue NEW High 2. Medium Microsoft Visual Studio Debian repo fails to synchronize. quba42 Actions
8232 Debian Support Issue NEW High 2. Medium Pulp 3 - pulp-deb : APT client installing same patches again and again mathiasdasilva Actions
8506 Debian Support Issue NEW High 2. Medium apt install - File has unexpected size - http pipeline rgp Actions
8640 Debian Support Task NEW High Signature tests should provide proper SigningService setup quba42 Actions
8642 Debian Support Task NEW High Fix nightly tests quba42 Actions
3013 File Support Issue NEW High 3. High Content is not downloaded after switching from on_demand to immediate policy ttereshc Actions
3014 File Support Issue NEW High 3. High Counters for added content are incorrect in case of download failures ttereshc Actions
5036 File Support Test NEW High Test that syncing protected content works Actions
5467 File Support Test NEW High Test - sync does not report non-fatal errors properly kersom Actions
8686 Migration Plugin Issue NEW High 2. Medium Migrating one plugin removes publications/distributions of others. ttereshc Actions
7828 Pulp Issue NEW High 3. High syncing two repos with the same content at the same time results in an error Actions
8700 RPM Support Issue NEW High 2. Medium CentOS 8 stream repositories fails to synchronize - 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xfd in position 0: invalid start byte Actions
4824 RPM Support Test NEW High Pulp does not resync yum metadata files on change bherring Actions
7443 Pulp Issue ASSIGNED High 2. Medium pulp installer does not set ownership and permissions correctly because it cannot find apache user Actions
8180 Pulp Issue ASSIGNED High 3. High Content serving performance tuning dalley Actions
8684 Debian Support Issue POST High 2. Medium Add support for automatic publishing and distributing quba42 quba42 Actions
8691 Pulp Issue POST High 2. Medium Pulp fails against django 2.2.21 daviddavis bmbouter Actions
8467 RPM Support Issue MODIFIED High 2. Medium RQ worker takes up a lot of RAM when syncing OL7 repository iballou dalley Actions
8301 RPM Support Test MODIFIED High Pulp to Pulp sync test uses sha1 checksum, fails on the default configuration dalley ggainey Actions
5333 Ansible Plugin Test CLOSED - COMPLETE High As a user, I can sync collections from another Pulp server daviddavis kersom Actions
3305 Crane Task CLOSED - COMPLETE High Travis reports problems with every Crane PR Actions
4535 Docker Support Test CLOSED - COMPLETE High Pulp Crane not returning correct headers bherring bherring Actions
7778 Migration Plugin Task CLOSED - COMPLETE High Ensure a migration can be interrupted within reasonable time at any stage ttereshc dalley Actions
2863 Pulp Task CLOSED - COMPLETE High Align existing code base with publisher attributes from the MVP ttereshc Actions
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