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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee
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8325 Pulp Story NEW Normal Write a guide for changing ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS daviddavis Actions
8324 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I can have Pulp download content for a repository version daviddavis Actions
8323 Pulp Task POST Normal Add a checksum check to RemoteArtifact before saving daviddavis daviddavis Actions
8322 Pulp Task POST Normal Automate the running of the `handle-content-artifact` command daviddavis bmbouter Actions
8321 Migration Plugin Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium check for the presence of trailing slash before assembling the url Actions
8319 Container Support Story ASSIGNED Normal As a user can have config blob downloaded regardless the remote's policy Actions
8318 Container Support Issue POST Normal 2. Medium Sanitize input values in the methods implementing the pagination lmjachky mdellweg Actions
8317 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium Allow the auth private key size to be configurable mprahl Actions
8316 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Add check for bad usages of gettext daviddavis Actions
8315 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium Found some instances of bad i18n daviddavis Actions
8314 Migration Plugin Task ASSIGNED Normal Make migration no-op if there are no changes in plan and everything is migrated ttereshc Actions
8313 Container Support Story NEW Normal As an admin I have a way to delete repo versions from push repo so I can free some disk space Actions
8312 File Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Pulp2 fails to validate file size for tgz from the manifest generated by Pulp3 vatavu Actions
8311 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal 3. High Nightly publish jobs are failing daviddavis daviddavis Actions
8307 Debian Support Issue NEW Normal 4. Urgent Signing Service is broken by pulpcore change quba42 Actions
8306 Pulp Issue POST Normal 2. Medium Improve the speed of syncing repository hyu Actions
8305 Pulp Issue NEW High 3. High Deleting a remote used as source for live content corrupts ContentArtifact records dalley Actions
8303 Container Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium push of an image that contains foreign layers should not succeed Actions
8302 RPM Support Task NEW Normal test_upload is failing dalley Actions
8301 RPM Support Test MODIFIED High Pulp to Pulp sync test uses sha1 checksum, fails on the default configuration dalley ggainey Actions
8300 Ansible Plugin Issue CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal 2. Medium Rate limit feature is not working fao89 Actions
8299 Container Support Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium schema conversion fails with 500 lmjachky Actions
8298 Ansible Plugin Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium An invalid link is used for the aliases lmjachky Actions
8297 Pulp Task NEW Normal Documentation relating to Directory Structure & File Systems wibbit Actions
8296 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Pulp worker directories not cleaned up wibbit Actions
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