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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
6711 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document how to back up and restore Pulp 3 ttereshc Documentation Actions
6704 NPM Plugin Story NEW Normal Document NPM plugin fao89 Documentation Actions
6703 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document that users should not run makemigrations but file a bug instead ttereshc Documentation Actions
6658 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Pain points when trying Pulp3 for the first time xenlo Yes Documentation Actions
6633 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document the triage flow Documentation Actions
6625 Pulp Task NEW Normal document the OSes the installer supports fao89 Documentation Actions
6624 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document how Pulp handles the ServerDisconnectedError and why ttereshc Documentation, Katello Actions
6620 Pulp CLI Story NEW Normal As a plugin writer, I have docs on how to setup and create CLI commands daviddavis Documentation Actions
6537 Pulp Task NEW Normal Write a guide for debugging tasks daviddavis Documentation Actions
6415 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document how users can figure out the type for a given href daviddavis Documentation Actions
6235 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document how to show effective settings on a pulpcore installation bmbouter Documentation Actions
6224 Pulp Task NEW Normal Syncing against a pulp with S3 set up causes SSL error daviddavis Documentation Actions
6120 Pulp Task NEW Normal Create docs about GA and our use of GA daviddavis Documentation Actions
6109 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Document downloading the pulp_rpm_prerequisites exact version in pulp_rpm docs Documentation Actions
6064 File Support Task NEW Normal Add user docs on how to export a file publication to the filesystem daviddavis Documentation Actions
6063 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add plugin writer docs for how to implement an exporter daviddavis Documentation Actions
6003 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add upgrade docs bmbouter Documentation Actions
5979 Infrastructure Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium has broken links for plugin docs alikins Yes Documentation Actions
5889 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add upgrade information to the docs bmbouter Documentation Actions
5858 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add memory/performance tips to the plugin writer's guide ttereshc Documentation Actions
5828 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document how to validate data in plugin writer guide bmbouter Documentation Actions
5807 Pulp Task NEW Normal Re-consolidate the docs with each other and the plugin template dalley Documentation Actions
5798 Pulp Task NEW Normal Problems with pulp IRC links on daviddavis Documentation Actions
5697 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document our policy regarding dependency versions in pulpcore daviddavis Documentation Actions
5641 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update PR checklist to cover actual needs ppicka Documentation Actions
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