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9256 Pulp Task NEW Normal [EPIC] Use shared task resources in plugin code mdellweg Actions
9252 File Support Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal sync task uses too many DB connections Actions
9248 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I want to be able to replace the webserver fao89 Actions
9246 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I want to export repo version metrics (Prometheus), so that I can monitor repo sync activities keilr Actions
9241 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user I can mount blobs across repositories Actions
9235 Pulp Task CLOSED - DUPLICATE Normal Remove ALLOWED_SHARED_TASK_RESOURCE for 3.17 mdellweg Actions
9214 Pulp Story NEW Normal Need a `dry-run` option for export similar to imports Actions
9212 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add OSTree dependencies to pulp_installer lmjachky Actions
9197 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a first time user I want getting started documentation on API authentication quba42 Actions
9185 Migration Plugin Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Add functional-tests for deb-migrations mbucher Actions
9183 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I can see the status (idle, working) of my workers dalley Actions
9171 Pulp Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Remove workaround in RemoteArtifactSaver now that we're on Django 3.2 bmbouter Actions
9170 RPM Support Story NEW Normal [EPIC] Revisit architecture around relative_path to fully/correctly handle atypical repository-layouts ggainey Actions
9156 Pulp Task NEW Normal [EPIC] Remove traditional tasking system bmbouter Actions
9155 Migration Plugin Task CLOSED - NOTABUG Normal Comply with orphan clean changes made in pulpcore 3.15 ttereshc Actions
9150 Pulp Task NEW Normal As a Pulp user, I want to validate that my setup is working mcorr Actions
9143 Container Support Task NEW Normal Add section for settings recommendations Actions
9142 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, Pulp prevents me from exporting a repo version when I should be exporting a publication daviddavis Actions
9131 RPM Support Story NEW High As an administrator, I'd like RPM repository syncs from mirrorlists to be able to use multiple mirrors in the event of download failures wibbit Actions
9128 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a plugin-author, I can have an influence on the repository-repair process ggainey Actions
9121 Ansible Plugin Task CLOSED - DUPLICATE Normal Update `contrib.JSONField` to `JSONField` fao89 Actions
9115 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user during login into container registy I can authenticate against password or a token key Actions
9106 RPM Support Story NEW Normal As a user, Pulp is able to verify signatures of repository metadata, and reject unsigned or invalidly signed metadata dalley Actions
9105 RPM Support Task NEW Normal [EPIC] Signing and signature verification dalley Actions
9099 Pulp Story NEW Normal task created_resources provides hrefs, but no guidance on how to determine the type from the href Actions
9087 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document how to use pulp_installer in disconnected mode Actions
9079 Pulp Story NEW Normal Investigate additional mitigations to cache invalidation issues dalley Actions
9072 Pulp Story CLOSED - DUPLICATE Normal As a user, I can rsync content out of Pulp daviddavis Actions
9069 RPM Support Test NEW Normal Test "finding children" of PackageGroups dalley Actions
9031 RPM Support Story NEW Normal As a user, retain_package_versions remote option uses 0 vs. Null in an intuitive way, consistent with other Pulp configuration options quba42 Actions
9028 Pulp Task CLOSED - WONTFIX Normal Have Release Automation close the redmine milestone bmbouter Actions
9020 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Enable new tasking system on the Operator fao89 Actions
9014 RPM Support Test CLOSED - DUPLICATE Normal Test "syncing" a repository from disk using a file:// url dalley Actions
9001 RPM Support Story NEW Normal As a user, I can set <repo>, <content>, and <distro> tags in RPM metadata dalley Actions
8983 Debian Support Story NEW Normal As a user I want to use retain_package_versions just like for RPM quba42 Actions
8973 RPM Support Test NEW Normal Add test for modular RPM detection dalley Actions
8960 Pulp Task NEW Normal Ensure that pulp imports can run concurrently with orphan cleanup daviddavis Actions
8959 File Support Story CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal As user I can use Alternate Content Source feature ppicka Actions
8956 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, content app can be shut down quickly ttereshc Actions
8953 Debian Support Task NEW Normal We need to support new style APT repo signatures quba42 Actions
8943 Pulp Refactor CLOSED - DUPLICATE Normal Cleanup repeated call to `TaskReservedResource` `delete()` daviddavis Actions
8938 Pulp Task NEW Normal Ensure release process works with Github Issues daviddavis Actions
8936 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update bugzilla automation daviddavis Actions
8935 Pulp Task NEW Normal Set up/synchronize labels across repositories in Github daviddavis Actions
8934 Pulp Task NEW Normal Figure out migration tooling needed for the migration daviddavis Actions
8933 Pulp Task NEW Normal Create a project checklist daviddavis Actions
8932 Pulp Task NEW Normal [EPIC] Migration to Github Issues daviddavis Actions
8915 Container Support Task CLOSED - WONTFIX Normal Release 2.1.3 Actions
8903 Pulp Task CLOSED - COMPLETE Normal change reference from freenode to matrix/libera fkuep Actions
8898 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I can configure Pulp to include routes from third-party django apps bmbouter Actions
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