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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6906 RPM Support Story NEW Normal Best Essay Writing Service Reviews 06/04/2020 11:01 AM Actions
3396 Pulp Story NEW Low Build a plugin writer's Docker image and publish it on Docker Hub on a Pulp account 04/26/2019 10:36 PM Actions
6203 Pulp Story NEW Normal Can't run tests in development without first running a few steps 02/21/2020 06:07 PM Actions
5251 Ansible Plugin Story NEW Normal Dependency Downloading for Ansible Collection sync 05/08/2020 07:44 PM Actions
6704 NPM Plugin Story NEW Normal Document NPM plugin 05/11/2020 04:41 PM Actions
5545 Container Support Story NEW Normal Feature request: whitelist upstreams 11/20/2019 07:15 PM Actions
5140 Pulp Story NEW Normal Figure out how to make /var/lib/pulp/static part of the container images 12/12/2019 06:38 PM Actions
5134 Pulp Story NEW Normal Fix pulp-operator CI w/ Ansible Molecule 12/12/2019 06:37 PM Actions
5539 Pulp Story NEW Normal general_create cannot report on the creation of multiple models if the serializer creates them 10/04/2019 04:37 PM Actions
2381 Pulp Story NEW Normal GroupOperationPostponedResponse object needs to be created 04/26/2019 10:39 PM Actions
6824 Container Support Story NEW Normal Handle schema conversion when s3 is set as a storage backend 05/26/2020 07:20 PM Actions
3681 Pulp Story NEW Normal Have the artifact upload return the artifact href if the artifact already exists 04/26/2019 10:35 PM Actions
5694 Pulp Story NEW Normal http_proxy via environment 11/19/2019 04:47 PM Actions
4978 Pulp Story NEW Normal I can distribute a bunch of publications atomicaly 06/16/2019 10:37 AM Actions
5530 Pulp Story NEW Normal I want to be able to use the posgresql extension debversion 05/13/2020 10:28 PM Actions
6029 Debian Support Story MODIFIED Normal I want to publish debian repository content in multiple releases and components mdellweg 01/30/2020 04:33 PM Actions
5510 Pulp Story NEW Normal I would like to have an option to associate key-value pair to repository - former "Notes" field in Pulp 2 09/27/2019 04:32 PM Actions
5105 Ansible Plugin Story MODIFIED Normal Implement advanced collection models osapryki 07/12/2019 10:44 PM Actions
4690 Python Support Story NEW Normal Implement package locking / digest specification 04/26/2019 10:30 PM Actions
6875 Python Support Story NEW Normal Implement support for bandersnatch config file format for expressing sync settings 06/02/2020 02:57 PM Actions
1686 RPM Support Story NEW Normal integrate RPM signing and re-signing 04/16/2019 07:38 PM Actions
6825 Container Support Story NEW Normal Introduce a new repo type for the docker push usecase 05/26/2020 07:23 PM Actions
4009 CertGuard Story MODIFIED Normal Make CertGuard capabilities in Pulp3 04/26/2019 10:34 PM Actions
5850 Ansible Plugin Story NEW Normal Make MANIFEST.json and DIGEST.json available in the CollectionVersion serializer in the V3 API 12/06/2019 08:47 PM Actions
5662 Pulp Story NEW Normal Manage Pulp via Ansible modules 11/15/2019 04:41 PM Actions
6686 Pulp Story NEW Normal McAfee Portable Security..? 06/02/2020 05:07 PM Actions
6501 File Support Story NEW Normal MCAFEE.COM/ACTIVATE 06/02/2020 05:12 PM Actions
5254 Pulp Story NEW Low mirror mode cannot be set on a remote 05/08/2020 07:44 PM Actions
5383 Pulp Story NEW Normal please allow double-slashes 09/03/2019 04:44 PM Actions
3459 Crane Story NEW Normal Pluggable authn/authz model for crane 04/26/2019 10:36 PM Actions
6068 Pulp Story NEW Normal Provide repository_href when viewing a repository_version 01/31/2020 04:38 PM Actions
5665 Pulp Story NEW Normal Publications do not have a natural key and are not searchable by repository version. 11/05/2019 04:33 PM Actions
5143 Pulp Story NEW Normal Publish pulp-operator on 12/12/2019 06:45 PM Actions
6100 Pulp Story NEW Normal Pulp should calculate and provide information about the size of repos to the user. 02/04/2020 09:30 PM Actions
5135 Pulp Story NEW Normal Pulp Smash should be run against pulp-operator as part of CI 12/12/2019 06:37 PM Actions
6688 Pulp Story NEW Normal pulp_installer: preflight check and system-wide packages are incompatible 05/28/2020 07:02 PM Actions
5136 Pulp Story NEW Normal pulp-operator needs a stable & configurable accessible port 12/12/2019 06:37 PM Actions
5137 Pulp Story NEW Normal pulp-operator needs configurable and expandable storage size 12/12/2019 06:37 PM Actions
5139 Pulp Story NEW Normal pulp-operator should have better use of the ENTRYPOINT & env vars 12/12/2019 06:38 PM Actions
5683 Pulp Story NEW Normal pulp-operator should set content_origin to load balancer addresses, when available 12/12/2019 06:58 PM Actions
5657 Pulp Story NEW Normal pulp-operator should use nginx and possibly other K8s ingresses 02/19/2020 05:28 PM Actions
3626 Python Support Story MODIFIED Normal Python Viewset Filters bizhang 04/26/2019 10:35 PM Actions
5133 Pulp Story NEW Normal Rebase pulp-operator on latest operator framework 12/12/2019 06:36 PM Actions
4081 Pulp Story NEW Normal Recommend usage of pip-compile for production deployments of Pulp 04/26/2019 10:33 PM Actions
4981 Pulp Story NEW Normal Remove incomplete chunked uploads after a set amount of time 09/13/2019 05:39 PM Actions
2382 Pulp Story NEW Normal Replace MissingResource exception with a subclass of rest_framework.exceptions.APIException 04/26/2019 10:39 PM Actions
6495 Pulp Story NEW Normal Russian Escorts in Mumbai 04/13/2020 08:52 AM Actions
6291 Pulp Story POST Normal SigningService should issue a warning if the signing script has changed on disk 04/21/2020 01:05 PM Actions
5727 Pulp Story NEW Normal Statically setting CONTENT_ORIGIN is problematic in some cases 11/19/2019 04:20 PM Actions
5199 Pulp Story NEW Normal Support 'Alternate Content Sources' within pulp3 05/08/2020 07:44 PM Actions
5200 Pulp Story NEW Normal Support 'mirrored' metadata 05/08/2020 07:44 PM Actions
5532 Pulp Story NEW Normal Task.error includes traceback for fatal download exceptions 10/02/2019 05:33 PM Actions
6238 Pulp Story NEW Normal The most effective method to Sign In Your Microsoft Account 05/29/2020 10:48 PM Actions
5141 Pulp Story NEW Normal The postgres container (when part of pulp-operator at least) should use an fsGroup 12/12/2019 06:38 PM Actions
5142 Pulp Story NEW Normal The pulp-operator Persistent Volume Claim for /var/lib/pulp should by default be writable only by root 12/12/2019 06:44 PM Actions
6811 Pulp Story NEW Normal Unexpected behavior modifying non-linear repository versions 05/26/2020 05:34 PM Actions
3613 Python Support Story NEW High Verify hashes, if one exists, during sync 04/26/2019 10:35 PM Actions
2428 RPM Support Story NEW Normal Write guide for using Ansible for managing RPM content on consumers 04/26/2019 10:39 PM Actions
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