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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
9588 Pulp Issue POST Normal 2. Medium RBAC: Groups cannot use creation_hooks mdellweg mdellweg Yes Actions
9573 Pulp Backport CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Backport #8167 to pulpcore 3.7 mdellweg mdellweg No GalaxyNG Actions
9572 Container Support Task NEW Normal Port the RBAC implementation to the pulpcore roles framework mdellweg Actions
9549 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium There is a race condition in the tasking system, where pg signals may be lost mdellweg mdellweg Yes Actions
9533 NPM Plugin Issue CLOSED - DUPLICATE Normal 2. Medium The npm plugin is currently incompatible with dispatch call of pulpcore >= 3.15 mdellweg No Actions
9498 Pulp Task POST Normal Rework RBAC content guard to work with roles mdellweg gerrod Actions
9489 Ansible Plugin Task MODIFIED Normal Make use of shared_resources in sync and copy jobs mdellweg mdellweg Performance Actions
9483 Ansible Plugin Issue CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal 2. Medium dispatch calls need to specify locked resources with kwargs mdellweg mdellweg No Easy Fix Actions
9424 Container Support Refactor NEW Normal Remove the interrelate stage from the sync pipeline mdellweg Actions
9415 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal revisit access policies to use auto role assignment mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9414 Pulp Task NEW Normal remove django-guardian from the stack mdellweg Actions
9413 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal add viewsets to assign roles to users/groups mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9412 Pulp Task NEW Normal Remove group permission endpoints mdellweg Actions
9411 Pulp Story MODIFIED Normal Implement roles models and facilities for auto-assignment and queryset-filtering mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9410 Pulp Story NEW Normal [EPIC] Roles for RBAC mdellweg Actions
9409 Pulp Issue CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal 2. Medium Natural key calulations perform db queries for foreign keys mdellweg mdellweg No Actions
9334 Container Support Backport CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Backport 2.8: race condition syncing repositories with the same tags results in bad data within the database mdellweg Yes Katello Actions
9327 Pulp Task NEW Normal Remove --resource-manager option from the worker entrypoint mdellweg Actions
9326 Pulp Story CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal As a user, i want certain tasks to share read only resources mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9310 Container Support Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Adjust sync pipeline to pulpcore 3.15 changes mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9257 Pulp Refactor CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal rename the parameter resources to exclusive_resources in the dispatch call mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9256 Pulp Task NEW Normal [EPIC] Use shared task resources in plugin code mdellweg Actions
9235 Pulp Task CLOSED - DUPLICATE Normal Remove ALLOWED_SHARED_TASK_RESOURCE for 3.17 mdellweg Actions
9234 Pulp Story CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal As a user, I want to `touch` content and artifacts in bulk mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9163 Pulp Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Remove the drf-access-policy workaround mdellweg Actions
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