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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
6578 Pulp Task NEW Normal Provide HTTP header with SHA sum of the content Actions
6470 RPM Support Issue CLOSED - WONTFIX Normal 2. Medium CentOS directory KS structure is no longer RH compatible Yes Actions
3372 Pulp Task CLOSED - WONTFIX Normal Ability to configure logging pattern via config Pulp 2 Actions
3289 Pulp Task CLOSED - WONTFIX Normal Support for X-Correlation-ID HTTP REST header Pulp 2 Actions
3288 Pulp Story CLOSED - WONTFIX Normal Make syslog facility a configurable option Pulp 2 Actions
3000 Pulp Issue CLOSED - NOTABUG Normal 2. Medium Heartbeat log message is written in GMT No Easy Fix, Pulp 2 Actions
1323 Pulp Task CLOSED - WONTFIX Normal Pulp ships with no SELinux policy for goferd Pulp 2, SELinux Actions
767 Pulp Issue CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE High 3. High When applying errata Pulp throws UnicodeEncodeError on Czech locale Yes Pulp 2 Actions
748 Pulp Issue CLOSED - WORKSFORME High 1. Low Apache httpd getattr denial on RHEL7 after restart of Pulp Yes Pulp 2, SELinux Actions
704 Pulp Issue CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Low 1. Low Incorrect file transition for celery pid file Yes Pulp 2 Actions
164 Pulp Story CLOSED - WONTFIX Low RFE: Add possibility to turn off user/pass authentication Pulp 2 Actions
161 Pulp Story CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal [RFE] Add version info to the status API call cduryee Pulp 2 Actions

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