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As a developer, I have a script to automatically tag a build/release and merge the tag foreward

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The goal is to provide a script that can be run either by a developer via a jenkins job that can automatically tag a build and release.  The script should be able to determine next version number to use.  In addition if a flag is specified it should be able to transition the build number from alpha ->beta->rc->release in accordance with In addition the functionality will be provided to automatically merge the changes forward into the next release if there is one.  In this way tags from 2.3 will be merged into 2.4, master, etc.


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Closing per discussion with smyers, this script is unable to verify correctness (only that the merge was clean) and is therefore dangerous.

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I wrote the script, and found that even if git successfully applies a changeset, that's still no guarantee that the change is properly merged forward, so having such a script has proven (to me, at least) to be a little dangerous.

The current consensus appears to be that we'll move away from the merge-forward strategy, so we'll probably never ever do this even if it was totally safe.

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