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Revise branching, tagging, and release guide info

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Currently the branching and cherry picking process is described in this blog post:

Also the release guide for pulpcore is kept on the wiki here but it is out of date. We need to revise the docs on the wiki.


#1 Updated by daviddavis 8 months ago

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#2 Updated by ttereshc 8 months ago

I suggest to add information either to wiki or to the docs about cherry picking the changelog and version changes commits.
E.g. if after branching date, there are some bugfixes to cherry-pick and there are already new features in the master. Where changelog is generated (for the release branch?) and should PR be open against release branch first and cherry-picked into the master? Or should we submit PR with changelog against master anyway?

#3 Updated by 8 months ago

I would imagine that we'd submit PR with the changelog against master and then it would be cherrypicked into the release branch.

#4 Updated by bmbouter 8 months ago

I was imagining you generate the changelog on the branch and then cherry pick to master. If you do the reverse then the z-stream will receive changelog entries that are unmerged to the z-stream branch. This is what I did for pulpcore and pulp_file for example. Also I generate the changelog in one commit using `towncrier --version` and the version bumps in another commit. This lets me cherrypick only the changelog to master without the versions on master changing and then needing an additional update.

#5 Updated by dalley 8 months ago

Why does this need to be in the docs as opposed to the wiki? I'm not opposed, per se, but I'm not sure how much value the community would get from this being in our contribution docs. The actual release process will be handled by the core team members (or possibly automated away entirely as we've discussed lately).

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#9 Updated by bmbouter 6 months ago

#10 Updated by bmbouter 6 months ago

Rewrote the docs more on for both z-stream and y-stream releasing.

#11 Updated by bmbouter 6 months ago

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Rewrote to reflect the IRC decision to keep these docs on the wiki for now.

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