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Story #7427: [Epic] As a user, I can audit actions taken by Pulp users

As a user, I can see what parameters were involved in a task

Added by dalley about 4 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Ticket moved to GitHub: "pulp/pulpcore/1817":

Presently, the task record stores two primary types of metadata about the operation it performed:

  • The name of a task (which tells you what type of task it was, sync/publish/update/etc., and where it was defined (plugin or core),
  • CreatedResources

This leaves a lot of gaps that make it impossible to properly audit the history of the state of Pulp

  • You don't know what resource was updated, or what those updates were - if it was an update task
  • You don't know what remote was used, or whether mirror=True or False - if it was a sync task
  • You can kind of figure out what the plugin type was, or what repository it was performed on, via. the name or CreatedResources, but it is implicit, not explicit.
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Updated by about 4 years ago

+1 to add this information to tasks. However, I am not quite clear how this information will be stored and serialized. Since different "types" of tasks will have different information, its probably necessary to cram all this data into a generic field. dalley suggested bringing back the "notes" field.

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turning back into an issue just so that it will show up at triage time, I think we should evaluate this feature again.

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We will not be able to work on this any time soon.

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