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Make a testing environment for long-term testing of Pulp performance

Added by bmbouter over 5 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Performance, Pulp 2


This is an area to track the creation of a testbed for measuring Pulp performance over time.

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Updated by bmbouter over 5 years ago

What I want are:

  • physical hardware because we cannot be sure of the CPU availability or I/O consistency in virtual environments
  • A very stable benchmark that focuses on measuring Pulp's code performance.
  • A long term look at various end-to-end metrics like sync a large repo, publish a large repo, incremental publish, etc.
  • An environment with extremely low latency network I/O so we can focus on Pulp's code, not network performance. In other words everything is from localhost, even sync's via http or https. Those could come from a simple http service hosting this files via localhost.
  • Fast I/O for minimizing the time Pulp code is waiting on disk I/O.

I had written a rough plan a year ago, and I posted that plan to the wiki here:

Feel free to edit ^ or put ideas directly in there or comment here. I have some more to edit, but that is what I've got for now.

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Updated by bmbouter about 5 years ago

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We should consider using resource from the OSAS group at Red Hat which provides test infrastructure for upstream projects.

Also removing the Pulp3 flag since this is not unique to Pulp3.

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Updated by bmbouter about 3 years ago

Pulp 2 is approaching maintenance mode, and this Pulp 2 ticket is not being actively worked on. As such, it is being closed as WONTFIX. Pulp 2 is still accepting contributions though, so if you want to contribute a fix for this ticket, please reopen or comment on it. If you don't have permissions to reopen this ticket, or you want to discuss an issue, please reach out via the developer mailing list.

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